Graduation of 50 New 173rd Airborne Paratroopers

Ft. Benning GA, 13 Oct 2006

Class Photo

Old Sky Soldiers Flew in from Texas and drove six hours from Florida to pins wings on these Sky Soldiers

250' Free Tower 34' Tower 34' Tower C-119 C-119 C-47
Free Fall Airborne Walk 506th 173rd Bill Kilnger Jim McSorley
Bill, Gary, Jim Gary Granade Jim Bradley Bill Klinger Jim McSorley The Paratroopers
GAry New Sky Soldiers Sky Soldiers Sky Soldiers Bill Klinger Old and New

Bill Klinger

& SGT Ruble

Gary Granade

Sgt Altman

Jim McSorley

Jim, Amber, Jim

The old and

New talk

Gary and Jim

meet with the

new HERD

The come in

all sizes


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